Types of Blades


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  Types of Agitator used in Blender
  Double Helical Ribbon Agitator
  The ribbon agitator is our most efficient agitator. It excels in applications where small amount of ingredients are added to the batch. All of the material in the mixer is constantly circulated from end to end. The outer ribbons move ingredients toward the discharge while the inner ribbons constantly circulate material in the opposite direction. Center and End discharge ribbon agitators are available.
  • Provides excellent mixing consistency for powders, granules and some slurry.
  • Mixing Time: 2-5 minutes
  • Degree of particle shear: Moderate
  Center Discharge Ribbon Agitator
  The ribbon is strictly designed to mix free flowing ingredients including plastics, chemicals, colorings, lubricants, insulation and fire retardant, it is a must for fine powders.
  In the feed industry, it is used for mixing feed for pork and poultry, premixes and mineral mixes containing vitamins, trace minerals and medications.
  This agitator is also generally used when the product to be mixed is for human consumption due to its efficiency and mixing accuracy. It is also an excellent mixing system for dog food, bird and grass seed, and insecticides.  
  Paddle Agitator
  • Suitable for mixing high viscous pastes or free flowing slurries, plastic pellets, cement, pigments and mud.
  • Mixing Time: 3-5
  • Degree of particle shear: Low

  Hi-shear Paddle agitator
  This agitator is very similar to our paddle agitator except for one basic difference. The agitator's forward paddles have notches cut in them to prevent a pinch point from occurring between the paddles and the bottom of the mixer's tank. These serrations relieve the strain on both tank and agitator, which could occur when a high percentage of non-free-flowing materials is being mixed.
  Plough Shear Blade
  These ploughs are widely used for following applications namely Adhesives, Brake lining, Cement, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Dyes, Confectionary (chocolate), Fertilizers, Foodstuffs, Paints, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, etc.
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